The Program:

Aviators By Design was formed with the idea of reaching our youth and non-pilot public via a passionate education about aviation. Aviators By Design,  which is a nonprofit 501-c-(3) organization, was set up to promote the  various aviation education programs and offerings as well as some of its  own techniques to accomplish this mission. Aviators By Design sponsors Aviation Post 9868 and the students of that post are building an airplane. 

The Program operates as an Aviation Explorer Post.  It  is open to youth from the ages 14 to 21, both girls and boys as well as  adult leaders. It is all about aviation, STEM education, aviation  safety and our project plane which brings it all together. 

These youth are building an airplane under the guidance of resources supplied by Aviators by Design.  With that project in mind, there comes additional training and  educational programs for the youth that will build multiple skills and  improve their knowledge. 

Through the process of  building a project airplane, we want the  youth to recognize the relationship of Freedom and Responsibility. Also  that Aviation is an Earned Reward and that Pilots develop  self-reliance. 

AVIATORS BY DESIGN  will develop, implement and promote educational and safety awareness  programs that in addition to its own programs will utilize programs  already in place.

It Starts Here:

Aviators By Design will base its primary operations at McPherson  Airport in Kansas.

S.T.E.M. Curriculum:

Aviators By Design  uses the Fly To Learn (FTL) program that teaches Science,  Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) concepts. This makes  learning fun for students and easy for teachers to implement.  FTL  promotes STEM fundamentals using the flight simulator X-Plane.  Students  learn S.T.E.M. disciplines through the design, construction, flight,  and performance evaluation of virtual airplanes, proving learning can be  exciting and engaging.  The FTL curriculum meets and exceeds the  National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) curriculum of standards for  science education. It gives us the opportunity to approach every kid in  America whether they are in public, private, home schools or in an after  school program.   


The final step is to set up  mentoring programs where as the Youth or anyone who gets excited about  Aviation set forth by the collaborated efforts of Aviators By Design will have a mentor.   

These mentors will come from  many areas to include existing pilots, EAA members, fellow Aviation  Explorers, EAA Chapter members, Flying Club members and our Aviation  Schools like North Dakota School of  Aviation and Kansas State University School of Aviation.   

This is a key element to have in place that further nurtures that  excitement of flight and encourages participation in the many facets of  our Aviation community.