Aviators by Design

The Program

Aviators By Design was formed with the idea of reaching our youth and non-pilot public via a passionate education about aviation. Aviators By Design, which is a nonprofit 501-c-(3) organization, was set up to promote the various aviation education programs and offerings as well as some of its own techniques to accomplish this mission. Aviators By Design sponsors Aviation Post 9868 and the students of that post are building an airplane.

Aviation Explorer Post 9868 was formed and is sponsored by
Aviators By Design. It is open to youth from the ages 14 to 21, both girls and boys as well as adult leaders. It is all about aviation, STEM education, aviation safety and our project plane which brings it all together.

This is what Aviators By Design
is all about, to expose these youth to those thrills of flight, to get them excited about learning more about flight and even building an airplane. They are learning how to build it, they are learning all about what makes it take flight and then they will learn how to fly it themselves. After the airplane is built then the youth will have access to it to take flight and explore a third dimension of freedom that earthly bound people never experience

These youth are building this airplane under the guidance of resources supplied by Aviators by Design. With that project in mind, there comes additional training and educational programs for the youth that will build multiple skills and improve their knowledge.

Through the process of building the project airplane, which is a Zenith STOL CH750, we want the youth to recognize the relationship of Freedom and Responsibility. Also that Aviation is an Earned Reward and that Pilots develop self-reliance.

AVIATORS BY DESIGN will develop, implement and promote educational and safety awareness programs that in addition to its own programs will utilize programs already in place.  
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