Aviators by Design

Aviation Explorer Post 9868

Aviation Explorer Post 9868 was formed to organize the youth; the post resides at Central County Airport 68C near Iola, Wisconsin, and is sponsored by Aviators By Design. As part of their program they started building a STOL CH 750 airplane kit in the Homebuilders Hangar on the AirVenture grounds in 2012. 

The goal of the AirVenture project was not to complete the kit aircraft during that week, but more importantly the goal was to get kids and adults involved in building an airplane.  It was a learning educational process that put emphasis on developing S.T.E.M. (Scientific, Technological, Engineering and Math) skills and exposing flight to many with the aircraft home building process.  After AirVenture, the partially completed airplane was brought back to Central County Airport (68C) to be completed by Aviation Explorer Post 9868. 

Expectations of members of Aviation Explorer Post 9868 besides building the project plane are for all participating - the youth, the adult leaders and the parents to learn;

Mutual Respect 
Team Work 
Attentive Listening Skills 
Effective Communication 
Understanding Hard Rules – Soft Rules 
Have Fun Responsibly

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