Earn, Achieve, Gain the
Flight and Freedom of
an Eagle!……


Ever wonder what it would be like to soar
like an eagle? You can have the winds lift
you up into the lofty heights of earthly space!


All you need to do is become a part of
aviation. Learn the science, the mechanics,
and the theories of flight.

Aviators by Design

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Before you can fly, let us help you:

  • Learn the basics of flight through practical application.

  • Learn about lift, drag, weight, thrust and stability

  • Learn about potential versus kinetic energy

  • Learn about momentum, stability, and center of gravity

  • Learn about pitch, yaw, and roll

  • Learn about forces and torque as well as power to weight ratio

  • Learn flight simulation

  • Then you will be set to learn to FLY!

This is what Aviators By Design is all about: to expose you to those thrills of flight, to get you excited about learning more about flight, and even involve you in building an airplane. You will learn how to build it, you will learn all about what makes it take flight, and you will learn how to fly it yourself. After the airplane is built, then you earn access to it to practice skills as you take flight and explore a third dimension of freedom that few earthly bound people ever experience.

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